12 String Acoustic / 6 String Fretless Classical Electric, Double Sided Busuyi Guitar 2020 NPT

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12/6 Strings Fretless Acoustic Electric, Double Sided Busuyi Guitar 2022 NPT

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Unique instrument, plays great, good value.

Got this exact model in orange/black

Fretless classical guitar neck has medium "D" profile and standard 650mm/52mm Torres specs. I was pretty impressed by the neck here. Its correct for classical guitar and in fact quite a bit better than the necks on many commerical classical guitars I've tried/owned including my Cordobas. Fingerboard is dead flat as it should be and glass smooth. Not sure what wood it is, but its a nice dark brown figured hardwood. Nut was also set up correctly for fretless with lower string height than regular classical guitar.

12 string neck is standard with 1-3/4" nut, 25.5" scale, and radiused board with bound sides. This one has a more oval profile, but its also very good. Not too thin or thick. Frets are smooth and level with no buzzes anywhere.

Classical top has standard Torres fan bracing; 12 string neck has Martin style X bracing. Body and necks look to be Sapele (African mahogany). Tuners are medium quality but all functional and don't need replacement. Body and necks have a matte finish, which is helpful for sliding up and down on the fretless.

Both necks have standard 3-5-7-9-12 dot markers on sides. That's good for 12 string, though not so useful on the fretless since dots are between the notes. I just marked out "fret" locations by hand on side with sharpie market for fretless guitar. . .took 5 minutes and is good enough for quick visual reference. Fretless is played mostly by muscle memory and "ear". . like violin/cello you're not supposed to look.

Setup was perfect out of the box with low action on both necks. If you push the notes a little on the fretless you can get that oud like buzz/"mwah" sound, which is awesome. Tone is good. Concert grade. . .of course not. . but as good as lower end solid tops I've tried, and it has some volume. Bigger "box" makes this a little more bassy

Guitar has two separate piezo based pickups, pre-amps, and output jacks; one for each side. The pre-amps run on standard 9v batteries and have volume knob plus mid/bass/treble/presence sliders for EQ. Nothing fancy, but they do work and sound OK. Like pretty much every acoustic guitar, I think best way to go with this is to mike it, not play through pickups.

At 7lbs guitar is heavy for an acoustic, but its still roughly the weight of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar and not bad. Thicker than normal acoustic body puts the neck about 2-3" further from your body than a normal classical guitar making this feel a little different during play vs a normal guitar, though its still pefectly playable. There is enough space between the headstocks to easily access all the tuning machines.

Guitar fits/stores OK on a standard tubular stand, though not in any case/bag I have.

I got this mostly just to check out the fretless classical. NONE of the big makers offer fretless models and the few commerically available models out there are either from boutique makers (ie $$$) or made in Turkey where fretless classical guitar is more popular. Prices of those usually start at more than double this instrument, and those won't have built in pickup systems. From that perspective not only is the the most affordable commercial fretless classical I've seen (and only one with pickup system), but you basically get a "free" 12 string thrown in!

Bottom line:

I was a bit skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised by build quality, setup, and overall sound of this instrument.

It is pretty quirky, and obviously not for everyone, but that's part of its charm. Its fun to play and a head-turner. Everyone who sees this goes "What the heck is THAT?". If you're looking to get into fretless guitar, this is probably one of the lowest cost (if not THE lowest cost) ways to do it.


Thanks guys

I read about it on Quora, I knew I had to get one. Not disappointed.

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